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Hi. Thanks for the “swipe right”; it’s nice to meet you.


Just a quick reminder that those would be a few extra pounds above my belt line in my pictures (and they do not look smaller in person no matter how much you might really want them to). 


I look forward to meeting you if we click.  A quick meet is really all we need.  Skipping dinners protects an immediately duped or disinterested party from going through such dread.  Nor do I wish to fall prey to a skilled freemealer.  In fact, I am seriously considering shots.  I think you would agree that it’s amazing how long a single drink can last when all you want to do is get to your car and pound your head into your steering wheel.


Let’s also make a pact to not fall in love before we actually meet. I say this because it’s the total crux of the online dating problem.  As humans, we need be set free by that first moment of mutual eye contact. THEN we chat; THEN we get to know each other and THEN we fall in love.


Online platforms have turned all of the proven history of dating on its head; placing chemistry, wrongly at the end of the line. The format further degenerates the dating process when its desperate or duplicitous members misrepresent themselves in pictures, status and intent. So much so, that rather than the perfect ending to that wonderful and engaging online preamble, it just becomes one more “WTF”.


You might also agree that online dating is not all online and alone. I say this because when we do go out – everyone is staring down at some provocative profile picture or text rather than looking up at us (albeit fully clothed) on the other side of the bar! Ugh. I want my mommy.


It will be interesting to hear what they have to say when they look back at all this nonsense.  Hopefully you and I will be cuddled up under a blanket somewhere with my left hand slipped into the top of your pajama bottoms when that conversation starts.


Oh; full disclosure here.  Let’s say you still look like that picture date-stamped “05/17/2006”, that’s great.  But if you are a TADAH girl who finds herself just so amazingly; totally, completely amazing I am fairly confident I could never compete with such a level of self-adoration (even though you might be all that and a bag of chips).


If you find my comments cynical that’s not my intention. Perhaps it’s just my group vent for all of us.  For the many authentic, relationship worthy people out there who reluctantly return to this technological Pavlov dog time and time again to get our shock and shake our heads.


Now, if on the other hand, you find a real man with a few knowable flaws tolerable; then that might be better starting point to continue our conversation.  If you have come to realize that real love takes patience, understanding, and a little effort; then maybe we should grab that drink some time.  And if you know in your passionate heart that romance and depth are derived from gazes and touches rather than from sweeping fingers and fairytale checklists; then we just might have something going on.


I am old school romantically and most comfortable being a gentleman. I am affectionate and enjoy good conversations as well as our mutual time alone.


I also am a lifelong boater who loves the calm of lakes and looks for the same in a woman.  If you are at ease being scantily clad in the bow of a boat and melt to an occasional bear hug from behind; then perhaps you just might be my boat girl.


I won’t end with “good luck with your search” because we all know what that really means.


Finally, I do not have the “Meet Me” feature and nothing could make me happier.


Summers here.  See you there.


Southern New York State

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